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Weekly 20-minute talks designed to promote the power of out-of-the-box thinking.

Future Leaders

A 3 month program with lectures, trainings, and workshops designed to boost leadership and entrepreneurial skills.


A systematic modular conference based on STEM and Design topics to promote scientific curiosity.


Math Class

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Physics Class

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Chess Class

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Astronomy Class

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Writing Class

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Graphic Design Class

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Online network of connected schools, offering a social network for students and teachers, online classroom management, and online classes recorded in schools.


Online research application for students in both schools and universities, offering research tools and platform for publishing research.

College Admissions Resources

A comprehensive guide to college admissions in United States and large database of admitted college essays.


What is CIEPH Curriculum?

The CIEPH Curriculum is a service we offer to all state schools of Azerbaijan. Depending on your interests, our team will craft a personalized curriculum for your school and launch specific programs. Your interests may include specific skills you would like to develop in students, specific programs or clubs you want in your school, and specific websites or applications you want to create within your school.

What can we offer?

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How can I join CIEPH?

About Us

CIEPH - Center for Innovation in Education Philosophy. You might be wondering about how we came about. Well, a thousand years ago when we were experimenting with clubs and projects at the Dayanat Lyceum, we recieved a lot of requests from our teachers to help organize programs at school. After a while, we decided to go for the big scale and create an organization to offer our projects to more schools. Hence, CIEPH was born.

What's up with that name?

The name can sound a bit unusual. But, the long Center for Innovation in Education Philosophy captures the real essence of what we do as a team. Everyday, we go to our classes and projects in effort to convince people to change and to act out of their comfort zones. The education philosophy of Azerbaijan has been to a large extent inherited from the soviet system. It is based on the all-theoretical approach. So, each day we observe the situation, measure performance of our projects and think of new ideas to try to bring innovation to the education philosophy of Azerbaijan.

The E-mail Culture

If you want to volunteer at CIEPH, you should be comfortable with using e-mails. We believe that e-mail is the universal tool for communication. We don't require you to fill out forms with strict guidelines. We just need you to communicate your willingness to do good for the community and join the community-oriented project we refer to as CIEPH. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to write an e-mail to info@cieph.org.

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.

Margaret Mead
The CIEPH Codex
  1. Be proficient in English
  2. Be open to new ideas and willing to change
  3. Be willing to change the ones around you for the better
  4. Believe in change
  5. Observe problems around you and constantly suggest new ideas & solutions
  6. Actively participate in team meetings

Step 1 — Watch the following video

The following video is a short speech delivered by the one and only Jacque Fresco.

Step 2 — Select one of the following positions

If you just want to instruct classes in English, please apply to this position.

Language Skills:  Azerbaijani, English

Teaching experience in English


If you want to bring our programs and classes to your school, please apply to this position. Write an e-mail detailing which classes and programs do you want us to organize. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Language Skills:  Azerbaijani, English


Our projects require extensive review and administration, which is done by our class managers. If you had any experience managing projects before, please apply to this position.

Language Skills:  Azerbaijani, English


Language Skills:  Azerbaijani, English

Experience with Web and Web Application Development

Experience with PHP OOP

Experience with Java


Language Skills:  Azerbaijani, English

Experience with Web and Web Application Development

Experience with PHP OOP


Step 3 - Apply!

Do you have any ideas for us?

Please explain.